Job Hunting Profile & Strategy Consultation

Job Hunting Profile & Strategy Consultation


Yes, CVs still play an important role in job hunting so it's important that they describe your skills but also that they are SEO optimised and that they are SEARCHABLE.

In the region, often hiring managers and recruiters get bombarded with CVs. Sometimes they don't even get to go through them all as many are irrelevant. How do you stand out?

With a background in executive headhunting, digital and branding, Briar has recruited first hand in the region and understands the importance of having a strong LinkedIn profile that represents you in the best possible way.

Briar and her team work with you to rewrite your CV, optimise your LinkedIn, including with a professional photo, and will teach you an online BD strategy that works to stand you out rm the crowd for advertised jobs, but also the hidden jobs.

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