Wendy Shaw: Listening to Your Head, Heart and Gut "Brains"

Remember the sayings "Go with your gut" and "Follow your heart"?

We had another fantastic community event last week at Deals in High Heels as we welcomed Wendy Shaw to teach us all about a new neurological concept called mBraining - when you align your head, your heart and GUT brains! 

Wendy Shaw has been in the region for 17 years and is passionate about helping people perform at their best. A certified Trainer of mBraining, NLP, Hypnotherapy and Time
Line TherapyTM and member of the International Coach Federation, she has felt the postiive impact from mBraining and is now to determined to share the message with the world.

Group photo
Group photo

To tap into the innate intelligence of our three 'brains,' first, we had to focus our breathing - Wendy recommended we use an relaxing app that counts eight second long breath. Once we are feeling settled, we 'checked in' with our heads, what is our brain saying? Is there a voice at the back arguing with us?

We then put our hands on our heart, what does it have to say? Now, check in with the head again. After checking it with the gut, many of us felt quite surprised about what all three of our 'brains' had to say! 

Wendy explained that sometimes there can be conflicting arguments amongst the brains, and often she plays 'referee' with her clients. 

Deals in High Heels community events
Deals in High Heels community events
Deals in High Heels community events

After the event, we all had another opportunity to network and build on our relationships. It was great to meet some of the new women and welcome back familiar faces. To get in touch with Wendy and discover more about mBraining, you can find her on LinkedIn or email her at wendy@matrixdubai.com.

Next week on the 13th of March, we welcome international public speaker, TV Presenter and confidence coach, Andreea Zoia.

Fear of public speaking is one of the common barriers that stop amazing ladies from speaking up and showcasing their real potential to their employers or clients. Andreea will be giving you the tools to uplift your confidence and communication skills from A to Z - enabling you to maximize your personal and professional relationships.

Andreea's own story is incredibly inspiring which is why I'm so honoured to bring her expertise to our community. Sign up today to be part of Dubai's number one women's community

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