Ep08 - Talk Show with Dave Crane

Dave Crane is one of the most experienced entertainers in the region with over 25+ years in the industry. Reaching over 8 billion people & entertaining over 100,000 for last 17 years at Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens, companies have also recorded a 49% growth in sales 12 months after working with Dave. He is a best selling recording artist, Author and journalist, Certified NFNLP Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, life coach and Stage Hypnotist. He is an award winning online motivational TV Show watched in 144 countries.

Watch our talk show and find more about him here! 

In Dave's interactive presentation, each interaction is based on Emotional Intelligence values; including logical thinking, transactional analysis, consequential thinking and intrinsic motivation.

Dave trains leaders to be able to optimize themselves BEFORE attempting to engage and interact with others, so they can cope with the ever-changing business landscape.

To perform the very best at work, you first have to become accountable, without ego or blame culture. This can take time and can also means removing emotional blocks and comfort zones.


Watch his presentation here

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