Ep07 - Talk Show with Asmae Lemniei

Asmae Lemniei is both an entrepreneur and a strategy and innovation expert. As a Senior Strategy Advisor at Duval Union Consulting, she focuses on enabling her clients to innovate and transform in a digital world. She is as well the founder of Lean X consulting - helping entrepreneurs 10-X their businesses and The Precious Drop, a sustainable and premium organic skincare brand.

Asmae is passionate about the future and believes that entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship are the most impactful ways to unleash innovation and enable social and economical transformation.

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In her presentation, she gives examples of big companies who failed and of small players (start-ups) that managed to disrupt whole industries. We made a parallel between the startup way of functioning and the "corporate of the future."

You will learn actionable strategies and angles of analysis that you can implement within your startup, or if you are thinking of building a startup.

You will also learn strategies to embed within their organization if you are working in corporate and corporate venturing.

Become future proof and view her presentation here.

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