Ep19 - Don't Wait until You Are "Ready" with Naomi D'Souza

Many of us operate in a conscience of scarcity, allowing inner dialogue to immobilize us and prevent us from executing and pursuing our goals.

Naomi is a mechanical engineer, IBM digital strategist, food blogger and TEDx speaker. In this motivation live talk show and keynote, Naomi gave us actionable strategies to get us motivated to stop waiting and chase our goals. As women, we are multitaskers and wear different hats. We are mums, wives, accountants, engineers, passionate people who are not confined to the bubbles that people try to put us in.

Special thanks to our official venue partners The Capital Club, and our strategic partners Hopscotch, Briar Prestidge International and InstaGlam.


Naomi D’Souza wears many hats: she is a TEDx speaker, has an MSc in Mechanical Engineering, works as a Digital Strategy Consultant at a Fortune 500 company Company, and boasts a black belt in Karate. During the day she reviews UX design, while by night, she reviews food at restaurants.


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