Ep09 - "Attract Clients, Partners & Investors with PR" Featuring Loredana Matei

Start-ups are an important part of the economic growth of the UAE. With more than 80% national revenue produced by SME's and entrepreneurs, we shift our focus towards the next big names: the today's small start-ups, and the big names tomorrow.

In a market that relies a lot on reputation and referral, how can you position yourself as a industry leader and expert?

Loredana is a serial entrepreneur, MEED New Entrepreneur of The Year, Founder of Jensen Matthews PR and cofounder Wild Fuel. She will discuss the importance of prioritizing PR in any start-up business strategy and how you can use the power of public relations to attract clients, investors and partners in any professional.

Learn more about Lora, PR and her journey of entrepreneurship.

In her presentation, you will learn:

  • The importance of PR

  • How to develop your PR strategy

  • How to pitch to publications

  • The different components of good PR

Special thanks to our partners, the beautiful BiCE Bar, 10th Floor Hilton Hotel Jumierah, in JBR.

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