Simone Lawrence: Create Goals to Achieve Success

For this event, we welcomed leadership coach and people developer, Simone Lawrence, leading with an interactive evening of defining what success could look like for you in 2018.

Simone is passionate about helping female leaders achieve more greatness in their professional and personal playgrounds.

In this event, we created our own set of guiding principles which we can use to navigate our way through 2018, making it a year of growth and optimal performance so we can achieve what’s important to us.

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Take home learnings: 

  • Reduce the noise around you
  • Be decisive.
  • Remove the word ‘try’ from your life… you WILL!
  • Say no to what isn’t important, and yes to what is
  • Map out what are you DOING vs how are you BEING – are you taking time out for yourself? Or are you a big ol' procrastinator?
  • Are you working in your comfort zone, or are you too stretched?
  • Replace the word ‘but’ with ‘and’
  • Ask for help, and utilise your support network. Try not to take on too much
  • Tell people about your goals. It will give them colour and hold you accountable
  • Most importantly (and as Calvin Harris suggests) remember; YOU are the one thing in your way...
Simone Lawrence
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Conference room

A fantastic event all in all - great to see many new faces and everyone mingling - most importantly, making friends. SPECIAL THANK YOU to Simone for a valuable presentation, and Dusit International for having us in your incredible conference rooms.


To get in touch with Simone, you can find her on LinkedIn here.

Join us this week on Tuesday 13th February in Dubai for Isabelita Castilho, author of 'All The Secrets of Getting a New Job in Dubai! Unleashed.'

She will be speaking about how to get a job and the challenges that job seekers face when looking for a job, the psychological aspects of it and also the strategy that is required to find the hidden jobs, with a high focus on how to use LinkedIn effectively.

Isabelita passionately expresses that her mission in life is to open doors to help professionals land their dream job within a very short timeframe in the UAE market, mainly Dubai, where she has been residing since February of 2011. She has an extensive understanding of the job market and you will be able to purchase her book at this event for a discounted rate.