Sarah Brook: Passion Vs Purpose And How To Differentiate Them

For this event, we welcomed Sarah Brook to the Deals in High Heels stage. Middle East's Humanitarian of the Year, Founder and CEO of the Sparkle Foundation, TEDx speaker and CSR consultant.

After a life-changing experience in Malawi, she vowed to give back and set up a sustainable community that 1000s benefit from. She also works with many companies and schools globally to build CSR models that deliver a lasting and sustainable impact.

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Sarah encouraged us all to follow our passions, with that she believes purpose will follow. Often, our parents may encourage us to do something they deem a 'safe' career choice, rather than what we really want.

Sarah authentically shared that when she was growing up and at University, her competitive nature urged her to want to become a TV presenter. At 18, she went travelling around the world with money her grandfather gave her. It was in Malawi, Africa, when her life changed - she developed a life-threatening problem and was rushed to the local hospital. 

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When she awoke, her friend shared with her what had happened; when she had arrived at the local hospital, there were about 300 Malawian's lined up and they all let her go to the front. Sarah was in there for two hours. The doctors informed her friend that she should to be operated on, however, there was a high rate of HIV in the hospital and no sterile equipment. Otherwise, he could risk taking her to another hospital. But, there was a high chance Sarah wouldn't make it.

Sarah's friend told her that when they had come out of that doctors, some people who had been waiting in line had died. Sarah knew then and there, that she owed her life to Malawi. She was determined to give back.

After graduating, Sarah moved to Dubai so she could earn tax free money to send to Malawi. She set up a community there one summer and then walked away feeling like she had done her part. Unfortunately, the community was ruined soon after - everything was stolen. Sarah then thought, who am I to come in, set up something and expect it to be fine without no prior experience?

So she started interning at some of the biggest charities in the world, understanding what it takes to build SUSTAINABLE communities - The Sparkle Foundation was born.

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Sarah is a firm believer that small but consistent actions are what deliver lasting impact. She is proud to now stand on stages all around the world to deliver her heartfelt message on Passion Vs Purpose, motivation and leadership. 

Many of the ladies were somewhat amazed and speechless after the presentation. We wish to thank Sarah for authentically expressing her heart and story with us. 

Sarah does speaks internationally, and to get in touch to have her speak at your event, you can email me at

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