Andreea Zoia: Learn The Art of Connection Through Public Speaking

This week for our community event, we welcomed International Presenter, Brand Ambassador and Public Speaking Coach, Andreea Zoia, to the Deals in High Heels stage. Andreea brought a lot of energy, entertainment and value to a topic that gives many of us the heebie-jeebies.

Deals in High Heels community event

We started off discussing why we fear public speaking. Andreea expressed every time we open our mouths, we send energy - it has the power to make people feel something.

Consistency is key.

To build trust with the audience, we need to ensure everything is in alignment: facial expression, body language, tone, image and what you are saying. When you're consistent, you can effectively transmit the data, whether it's intellectual, spiritual, or emotional. 

Deals in High Heels community

Confidence starts with an improved self image.

Andreea reminded us that we are all very creative to find reasons as to why we aren't perfect. We need to appreciate what we are capable of and remind ourselves how amazing we are. Andreea recommended we write down all the negative self talk to on a page and read it back. What do you say to the mirror in the morning?

Andreea shared her own inspiring journey - from childhood troubles to the competitive world of model. There has been times when she's felt 'small and insignificant' and couldn't speak english, let alone speak in front of 1000s.

Deals in High Heels

Andreea has done a lot of inner work with the help of books and coaches. She recommended we read Psycho-Cybernetics, A New Way to Get More Living Out of Life by Maxwell Maltz, which had helped her significantly.

Remind yourself that yes, public speaking can be scary, but stepping into the unknown and out of your comfort zone has to be done - that's how you grow.

The event was highly interactive with improvisation games - it was amazing to see the ladies partake.  Many were literally crying with laughter over the performances, including myself. 

Deals in High heels new group

Prior to a speaking engagement,  take ten deep breaths using your diaphragm beforee walking on stage.

There are five building blocks that create an effective voice:

Volume - Andreea recommended us to imagine projecting our voice so it fills up all corners of the room. 

Melody - Use a varied intonation.

Pitch - High and low. 

Tone and pace - The 'Character' you bring into the room.

We all agreed it was a fantastic session from Andreea - and this was just the beginning! Andreea is doing a full day's workshop on the 21st April where we will dive deep into the art of connection and public speaking.

Click here to sign up and register - as we are doing hands-on work, seats are limited.

As usual, it was great to see all the ladies, network, laugh and share stories. To connect with Andreea for a one on one, you can find her on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook or you can email her at

coming up

We have an incredible event lineup happening over the next month, starting with our Instagram strategy workshop led by yours truly (Briar Prestidge - CEO personal branding agency). Next week, we welcome Sarah Brook to the Deals in High Heels stage. Sarah will be speaking about Passion vs Purpose and how we can differentiate the two. Sign up to join our community - I can't wait to see you!