Isabelita Castilho: How to Get A Job in Dubai - All The Secrets, Unleashed!

It was fabulous as usual to feel all the warm energy from the women at our latest Deals in High Heels community event in Dusitd2 Kenz Hotel. This week we had Isabelita Castilho, author of 'All The Secrets of Getting a New Job in Dubai! Unleashed.' speaking about how to get a job and the challenges that job seekers face when looking for a job, the psychological aspects of it and also the strategy that is required to find the hidden jobs, with a high focus on how to use LinkedIn effectively.

Isabelita passionately expressed that her mission in life is to open doors to help professionals land their dream job within a very short timeframe in the UAE market, mainly Dubai, where she has been residing since February of 2011 and has extensive understanding of the job market.

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Take home messages:

  • Update your LinkedIn - have a good profile photo, your skillset in the caption, list your achievements and value you bring to your work. This should be a 'postcard snapshot' of your CV. Use key words so that your profile is searchable. 
  • Connect with hiring managers and recruiters. Message them and say thanks for connecting. Maybe they don't have a job for you now, but at least you will put yourself on their radar for when they do - this is how you find the hidden jobs. 
  • If people don't reply, don't worry! Just keep spreading your seeds and get your name out there for when something does come along that suits your profile. The more people you engage and interact with, on your LinkedIn newsfeed and in private message, they more chance you have on coming across something.
  • For interviews, prepare like your life depends on it. Have a look at the hiring manager on other social feeds like Facebook, Instagram etc
  • Most importantly, don't get disheartened! Keep doing what you are doing! 

Remember, there is something out there for you.

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As usual, the women all enjoyed the opportunity to network over light food and beverage. We have people from a range of industries attend, from executives to directors, entrepreneurs and creatives. Something that we all have in common, is a passion for life long learning, wanting to advance in our personal and professional careers and new relationships in such a transient city.

Thank you Isabelita Castilho for all your passion, enthusiasm and powerful information you provided us. You can purchase her book "All The Secrets of Getting a New Job in Dubai. Unleashed!" here. 

If you want to get in contact with Isabelita, you can find her on LinkedIn. Special thanks to Dusitd2 Kenz Hotel for your continued partnership and support.

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Deals in High Heels Community Event

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