Ep11 - "Motivation: How To Regain and Maintain Your Mojo?" Featuring Zeta Yarwood

Are you firing on all cylinders one day, and then avoiding anything to do with work the next?

Do you constantly go through phases of being “all in”? Quickly followed by phases of just wanting out?

Do you procrastinate – frequently putting things off right until the last minute?

Do you see people around you seemingly motivated all the time – and wonder how they do it?

Finding motivation can be easy. Staying motivated can be tough. Zeta Yarwood is an NLP Life Coach and Career Coach who has been running her own business for the last 4 years. Through both her NLP training and her own experiences of being a single, solo businesswoman, Zeta has gained a deep understanding of what motivation is and how it works.

In this introductory talk “The Psychology of Motivation: How to Regain and Maintain your
Mojo” you will learn:

  • Why motivation management is crucial to your success

  • Why you struggle to stay motivated at all times

  • What causes you to feel motivated one minute, and demotivated the next

  • How to make sure your psychology is primed for sustainable motivation

  • What steps you can take to optimize your motivation levels – starting today

Special thanks to our partners, the beautiful BiCE Bar, 10th Floor Hilton Hotel Jumierah, in JBR.

About Zeta:

Zeta Yarwood is a leading Dubai-based Career Coach and NLP Life Coach. Working with individuals across 4 different continents, Zeta strives to help others build the life and career they want. Partnering with multinational companies such as Credit Suisse, Engie and WSP, she also increases employee motivation and engagement through her interactive success psychology workshops and executive coaching programmes.

Connect with Zeta on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and her website Zetayarwood.com



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