Anita Milovac: Emotion Is The Language Of Your Soul

Anita Milovac somehow manages to combine all of her passions under one roof - Women Empowerment & Corporate Stress Management Coach, dance teacher and blogger. She has rocked crowds as a backup dancer to famous artists and as a motivational speaker, to audiences of thousands. 

Deals in High Heels sat down with Anita to discover why she left her job to become a coach, what we need to know about emotional intelligence and, in today's digital age, why she still chooses to write things down.

Anita Milovac

Thank you for interviewing with us, Anita! You have had an interesting career history – an economics degree, working as an event manager, ballroom dancer now as a corporate coach – tell us more about your journey.

I was working for a very long time successfully as an Events Manager. While I had many great travels and experiences during my career, I always felt in my heart, that there is something else I am supposed to do. I wanted a career that fulfils me emotionally and spiritually. One that makes me excited and inspired every day. Nowadays that sounds very cliché, but it’s the truth.

It took me 2 years to get from that increasing desire to actually finding what it is that I wanted to do. Then from there I had to find a way to make also a living out of it. It is a process that didn’t happen overnight, but it was well worth it.

Every coach/speaker I know loves what they do and it’s a rewarding career to witness people flourish and to support them in really reaching their potential.

What was the big “ah-ha moment” you had when doing the Robert Simic course?

You know those times when you’re so set in one way of doing something that you’re almost blind to alternative ways of looking at it? And yet, the way you’re going about something just isn’t working for you? When the old belief patterns about yourself keep popping up when they are triggered?

My ah-ha moment came when we did a time line practice where we go back to our childhood and meet our infant self, small child self, teenage self. This is where I realized that my fear of abandonment stems from that time.

For me, it was the mindset transformation. Once I understood how we create the model of our world through our 5 senses, how my upbringing and conditioning influenced me – both in positive and negative ways – it was as if a veil lifted.

During my coaching training I was personally going through a very challenging time in my life, so the coaching was transforming me on all levels of my being. It helped me understand myself and navigate through that phase of my life.

It’s all about our perception in life. I learned that I cannot control everything happening, but that I certainly have the power on how I react to it.

“When you change the way you look at things – the things you look at change” – Dr. Wayne Dyer


You speak about emotional intelligence a lot – what are 3 things we need to understand about it?

  • Emotion is the language of your soul – our core aspect of being is emotional, not physical.
  • All perceived emotions are valid. Working with and through them is key in understanding yourself and others. Every negative emotion you experience, holds the key to the polar opposite emotion of how you want to feel.
  • Because the heart of our experience is through our emotions and relationships, this exactly is the spot where most of the damage is done.


You grew up in Germany and have been based in Dubai for 10 years – what changes have you seen happen here?

I have witnessed Dubai from all its different angles. Socioeconomically, demographically and as an expat. The major differences I see are:

  • Transport has improved. I feel people are driving more safely now (using indicators for example) than in the earlier days of my experience here.
  • Increased number of attractions to visit.
  • I feel the city is becoming more liberate in certain aspects (bars are open during daytime in Ramadan).
  • There is a big demand on self-development and spirituality. Looking at the amount of Training Institutes, Coaches, Platforms to connect and Healing Centers.


Do you believe the saying “everything happens for a reason”?

Absolutely! Even though sometimes it seems that we use that phrase for anything that we cannot explain logically. By the end of the day, whether we understand why certain things happen the way they do or not, there I always this inner voice assuring you that there is a larger picture.


You speak a lot about the importance of writing things down, and carry a black diary. Why is this?

There is no scientific proof that writing things down makes a difference, but I have found something does transform when we put away the keyboard and actually put things down in a notepad, like I do in my favorite moleskins.

It seems like we release a certain energy by writing things down. Like the ink has magic. For me it connects me more with my emotions and these send signals to the Universe that put my intentions faster into motion.

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About Anita Milovac: Following her true calling, Anita is today a passionate Women Empowerment & Corporate Stress Management Coach. She guides & empowers people to get out of their comfort zone and lead life to their full potential. Her mission is to make this world a better place by inspiring women to follow their path and recognize their true power. She is also a dance teacher, motivational speaker, MC, motivational speaker and blogger for the Huffington Post Germany.

Find her at | Instagram @animania1410 |  LinkedIn

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