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Double Your Instagram & Double Your Business

Whether you are an entrepreneur starting out, a business professional wanting to market your product or service, starting a side hustle project, or you just want a more professional online footprint or YOU JUST WANT MORE?! then this workshop is for YOU.

Instagram is a popular platform in Dubai, and you will learn the recipe for how I grew my business Instagram from 0 - 10k ENGAGING followers and customers in one year. None of that fake stuff - we want to see the RETURN! 

In this workshop, you will get the hands-on knowledge to optimise your Instagram for business, develop a strategy to drive traffic to your website to BUY, create engaging content and also the 5 pro tips that the big Instagramers-for-business use.

We will also explore how you can position your brand so that you elevate yourself above the competition to bring in new and higher paying clients. In a competitive market, it is crucial to know your audience inside and out, and what makes you special.

In today's digital world, Instagram is one of the best ways to market your service or product and grow your community and business.

Lunch is included, we will dine in an award-winning Thai restaurant and get to know each other further.

So we can spend time developing your personal strategy, seats are limited, so sign up NOW!