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Master Your Online Brand and LinkedIn Strategy for a Better Job & Clients

Following on from the success of our previous strategy workshops, this is the one we have been waiting for... LINKEDIN.

LinkedIn is at a very exciting place right now - it's MONETISING. it's where Facebook/ Instagram were 3 - 5 years ago. The algorithm is very 'free' so your content has a chance to get seen by many - if it's created in the right way! It's hugely popular here in the region and only getting bigger. 

We've watched it go from being a stiff, white collar platform to suddenly people guiding and cultivating channels - showcasing their unique and authentic personalities. I am recommending an integrated LinkedIn strategy for all of my clients in the UAE.

How can you stay above the noise, not contribute to it? How do you optimise your profile and create an inbound marketing strategy for new and better clients? How do you do business development for new opportunities? How do you create a powerful personal brand? How to create a compelling video and storytelling? How on earth does the confusing algorithm work? 

In this no-fluff, strategy course, we will be diving deep. I will be giving you the success recipe that we use with our clients across the industry - leading photographers and creatives, marketers, real estate investors, CEOs, finance professionals, entrepreneurs, etc... whether you are marketing to consumers or business', I promise LinkedIn is the platform for you now in the region. 

As this is a hands-on workshop, seats are super limited. Lunch at an award-winning Thai restaurant is included and this will give us the opportunity to properly network. Are you ready for new opportunities, and new and better clients?

Don't get left behind!! Sign up now.