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Briar Prestidge: How to Build a Digital, Personal Brand

I'm excited to be leading this week! 

After generating new business, career opportunities and a wealth of connections through my women-in-business blog Deals in High Heels, I founded my personal branding agency Briar Prestidge Consultancy.

In this event, I will discuss the professional importance of brand consistency, how to find your target audience, how to create a digital strategy, how you can optimise and grow your social channels, how to create compelling content, how to do business development on social media, and the tools, apps and software I use. 

In today's digital world it is crucial that your online presence is aligned with your product or service. 

Having a strong personal brand can lead to new and better clients, industry recongition and thought leadership opportunities. 

There is now an incredible amount of noise on social media - how do you stand out?

For further information please see my personal branding agency Briar Prestidge 

How will we grow your brand? x