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Build Your Brand and Website In A Day Workshop (No Experience Necessary!)

Hey Guys! You know me... your digital branding guru! And due to requests, I have developed our new, "Build Your Brand and Website" in a day programme - yes, you heard right! 

For those motivational speakers, authors and aspiring entrepreneurs out there, we will be helping you build and navigate your website at an extremely low cost.

From our experience of working with and building websites for professionals across industry, we understand the power of a personalised, online "shop window." It brings on new and better clients and acts as a marketing place for you to showcase all of your services, talent and expertise. 


What will we be doing?

-Our brand building framework will help you discover your values, UVP and mission/ tag statements. 

-You will discover your target audience and how to create visual colours and elements that will attract them.

-We will talk about the different social channels, and which ones you should be using in your marketing strategy.

-We will talk about content strategies, and tips and tricks on how to share it to drive traffic to your website.

-We will talk about how to name your company/ brand and purchase the domain name.

-You will learn how to navigate your way around the platform to create a website.

-You will choose an elegant template to best suit your needs, and learn how to create pages, links, design elements etc. Our templates are also mobile responsive.

-You will discover what makes a good website, and what makes a not so good website! 

AND, you will have a website!!!!

Technophobes, no need to worry, this is just for you actually! We are used to training and will be guiding you thru it.

So we can be hands-on, so you can walk away with a website ready to use, this event is SUPER limited so don't miss out. You can purchase tickets via PayPal here or email us at for local bank transfer.

See you soon!



Does this include the domain purchase and domain cost payments?
-Price depends on what domain you want but often is around 40aed for the year thru GoDaddy. We can help give you ideas on the domain name on the day, but we encourage you to look in advance.

-Depending on the purpose of your website, host prices thru Squarespace are $144 dollars per year. We don't provide this, however, you get 14 days free.


Can I add pages and make changes after this workshop?

Of course! We will be training you on how to navigate the drag and drop menu and change all the design features etc.


Do I need a logo?

No! We can come up with a font on the website that is aligned with your brand. We create logos through Briar Prestidge Branding, and we would be happy to assist you with this one on one as a separate cost.


Does this include copywriting or SEO support?

We will give you insight into how to write about your brand, and what to include on your website. Briar Prestidge provides copywriting and SEO support, but this would need to be purchased in a one on one consultation.

Briar Prestidge

About Briar Prestidge: Briar is a digital brand strategist, and founder of Briar Prestidge, working with executives and entrepreneurs, elevating them into influencers by showcasing their expertise online. We are proud to manage personal brands of the most inspiring thought leaders, TEDx speakers, authors and coaches, internationally. 

She has a background in digital marketing, branding and executive headhunting, spanning across London, New York, Melbourne, Auckland and Dubai, and conceptualised my own ‘alter ego’ Deals in High Heels. 

As a presenter and moderator, she runs our Deals in High Heels talk show networking events every two weeks which feature inspiring international leaders and also leads monthly workshops on personal branding, motivation and digital/ content strategy.