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Learn The Art of Public Speaking with Andreea Zoia

Andreea Zoia

Are you able to communicate your ideas effectively when under pressure or you've had little time to prepare?

In today's digital world are you able to tell a story that makes people want more?

Are you able to use the power of charisma to influence others by to instil trust, warmth and power?

Your voice is your portal to personal and professional success and in this advanced full-day course, led by international presenter, NLP and communications coach Andreea Zoia, we will be diving in and learning the A-Z of voice, confidence, presenting and effective communication.

The workshop focuses on 3 main areas: self-image (limiting beliefs and mental blocks), voice coaching and presentation skills. You will:

• Become a confident presenter by mastering self-image and body image – Learn the A to Z of confidence. How is your self-image reflected in your behaviour and speech?

• Eliminate stage fright - ONCE AND FOREVER

• Understand how to use your voice during a speech or interview, and find your resonance.

• Master storytelling

• Learn charisma to influence others by improving our presence/stance and ability to instil trust, warmth and power.

• Role play exercises to instill confidence and learn presentation skills

• Present to inspire, educate and entertain

• Achieve an excellent level of communication and connection by aligning the 3V of communication: Verbal (mind), Visual (body language) and Vocal (voice – tonality).

You will also discover how to:

• How to connect with your audience in less than 4 seconds
• Effective use of visual communication and body language
• Apply the law of increasing returns
• Plan and prepare a concise presentation for any audience
• Deliver with passion, confidence and conviction
• Harness the power of your voice
• The “new rules” of public speaking
• Learn hands-on techniques to organize ideas in high pressured
situations or when no advance preparation time is available.
• Develop strategies which guide your ability to analyze, organize, and
present ideas.
• Quickly organize and structure a presentation and deliver a convincing message without notes.

Early bird tickets are 1500aed so get in quick. General admission is 1750aed.

We've seen the value that Andreea brings, so this is a not to be missed event as it is an excellent personal and professional investment.

“Our voice is the authentic “fingerprint” of our personalities; it is what sets us apart from the crowd and has the potential to make us shine.” Andreea Zoia

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