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Knowing how to channel your Passion vs Purpose, with TEDx speaker Sarah Brook

Sarah Brook

Passion vs Purpose - how can we differentiate them? well, one will get you a lot closer to where you want to be...

Ask yourself, are you just passionate about your dreams or ideas of success that you have mapped?

Or, are you chasing a purpose with a reason for which we have created? It's a tricky one, and many of us feel trapped in our daily lives. How and what REALLY should we be basing our pursuits on to give us that feeling of being 'fulfilled'?

For this event, we welcome TEDx speaker, The Sparkle Foundation and CSR entrepreneur, Humanitarian of the year, Sarah Brook.

Sarah's own story is incredibly inspiring. After a near death experience in Malawi, she vowed to give back and she set up an initiative that now benefits 1000s in the community.

Sarah believes in small, consistent actions, coupled with time, is what makes a lasting impact, and it's her authentic and heartfelt attitude that see's her speaking on stages now all around the world. As usual, we will network before the event over light F & B. This is held in our incredible conference rooms in dusitD2 kenz hotel Al Khareef 1st Street, Barsha Heights, Dubai, with valet parking, and the cost of the event is 50/-aed

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