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How to Crush a Business Meeting

As a Recruiter for Marketing for the UAE and Europe in Dubai, I'm always out meeting all my clients and candidates - and it's one of my fav parts of the job! Here are my top tips to ensure a successful client meeting (and you can shop my chic office look!)

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Why I Have a Side Hustle and Why You Should Too

Keeping up with a side hustle is an incredible amount of work but the payoff is worth it. As a Recruitment Consultant for Marketing by day, and a Corporate Lifestyle Blogger by night, I should know! Here are eight reasons as to why I have a side business, and why you should too.

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How to Build Rapport to Be Successful

Rapport is fundamental to your success in the workplace. Sometimes it's easy, other times it may require some work... Read my top tips to use when meeting someone and shop my office look.

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