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Does Discussing Your 'Price' on Business Meetings Give You the Heebie Jeebies? Not Anymore!

As a woman new to 'business,' I initially struggled with these conversations. It seems as though, despite KNOWING our service is worth the money, we are concerned clients won't see the value and it suddenly becomes waaaay too difficult to discuss... Time to stop thinking of pricing as something you need to hide! 

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From the Farm to the City: Moving to Dubai

Here is the last part of my series, it's been one month since I moved to Dubai! Anyone else fancy joining me?  I discuss what I've been up to as a Recruitment Consultant and Corporate Lifestyle Blogger, the current job market conditions, and how I ended up with 15 different desserts on my plate...

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Why I Have a Side Hustle and Why You Should Too

Keeping up with a side hustle is an incredible amount of work but the payoff is worth it. As a Recruitment Consultant for Marketing by day, and a Corporate Lifestyle Blogger by night, I should know! Here are eight reasons as to why I have a side business, and why you should too.

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