The Office Onesie: Power of the Jumpsuit

Photo credit: Thomas West, near The Oyster Shed, Bank, London.

Photo credit: Thomas West, near The Oyster Shed, Bank, London.

It's gotten wet, cold and dark since we last caught up. Work has been busy as many of the finance teams I work with require temporary staff to assist them with year end. Thankfully, pulling late shifts in the office hasn't been so bad. You would have seen on my Snapchat (briar_robyn) that we see some beautiful sunsets from the 10th floor in The Shard.

It's my second winter in London yet I'm still surprised how much it can rain. I played Saturday football in rain and ran the Richmond 10k in rain. I've been eating delicious roasts and pubs are now serving mulled wine and hot cider. You will see on my Instagram (@briar_prestidge) how much I love my patterned umbrella by London Fog. Winter isn't so bad I guess.

Briar Prestidge- office fashion jumpsuit
Briar Prestidge - office fashion jumpsuit

The Office Onesie.

You may have noticed I rarely ever wear shirts or trousers (saying "I rarely wear pants" in the UK has a whole new meaning haha.) I like how simple jumpsuits are and I definitely own my fair share. This grey one is a favourite of mine from Warehouse UK. Jumpsuits can be harder to wear which is why I would recommend a wrap around jumpsuit as they sit above the waist to give the appearance of longer legs. I’ll rant on about wearing cute prints in a future post however I like to keep jumpsuits plain so they aren't too overwhelming for the rest of the office. ASOS has a lot of fantastic styles and colours that I have linked below- with next day delivery in the UK you can’t really go wrong.

Grey weather and grey jumpsuits. 

Grey weather and grey jumpsuits. 

Team your jumpsuit with a blazer to take it from weekend to work. I’m wearing a cropped blazer from Marciano Guess in NYC. When I lived in Lower East Side, I would walk down Grand Street towards Soho looking in the boutique shops followed by the chain stores down Broadway. For me, shopping for clothes has always been time consuming and I’m very particular about what I like – generally going for structured fits and good quality material. Take your time and spend a little more to find a blazer that fits you well around the shoulders. It will make a huge difference and add sophistication to your outfit.

Briar Prestidge - office fashion jumpsuit

You will see I have gold on my blazer, Dorothy Perkins heels and Ted Baker handbag. I like to be consistent with these finer details, and think they add a simple touch. You may have witnessed my gold detail obsession recently on my Snapchat (briar_robyn) or Instagram (@briar_robyn) in the form of my first ‘Flatlay.’ For those not so involved in the blogging or Instagram world, it is when you artistically arrange related items and then take a photo from birds eye view... take a moment picturing me standing on my bed attempting this.

Below, I have included pictures/ links to wrap-around jumpsuits, handbags, heels and a blazer so if you like this office fashion look, you could copy. Also -hello ASOS next day delivery on the jumpsuits! (If any men are still reading this: they also do clothes for you, fyi) 

Today's photos (thanks Tom West) were taken outside The Oyster Shed - a great spot for an after work drink.

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Briar Prestidge xx


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