What You Need to Take Your Career Success from Average to Excellent

Ever wondered what it takes to go from being averagely successful in your career to excellent?

As a Recruiter for Marketing (digital, social media and offline) I work with many professionals and organisations across the UAE and Europe. Improving Emotional Intelligence (E.I) at work and beyond is a continual mission of mine, and this is why it should be yours too.

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E.I. is your ability to recognise your emotions, understand what they're telling you, and how they affect the people around you. It also involves how you perceive others: when you REALLY understand how they feel, you can manage the relationship more effectively. In a work context, this includes the connection between you and your colleagues, and also your clients, stakeholders, suppliers, competitors, network contacts... yes, EVERYONE YOU KNOW!

When I interview Marketing Professionals, a significant element I look for is their ability to interact and build rapport in our meeting. I question around their internal work relationships and their contacts in the region. I listen, observe their non-verbal behaviour, and communicate my service to them. All of this involves E.I.

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Emotional intelligence is the key to success in life and the best news is YOU can learn it! Here are my tips:

Improve your self-awareness

Great leaders make it their life mission to continually learn and improve. Spend time getting to know yourself - journal, reflect, meditate. Take feedback from colleagues and friends.

Reduce your negative emotions

Learn to accept and value your emotions, and then use them more effectively. Further negative energy will only fuel a fire! Instead, take a few deep breaths and then ask yourself, 'how can I fix this situation?' It's important to understand that many adverse reactions from people aren't necessarily due to the situation at present and can be influenced by outside factors (e.g. a situation at home). 

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Manage YOUR stress

Believe it or not but recruitment is an extremely stressful job - there are KPIs to hit, management asking where the next placement will come from, and you have to manage both candidates and clients expectations like crazy. They say it's the hardest form of sales you can do! Create to-do lists, prioritise, and address every problem head on - stressing will not help a situation but doing something about it will.

bounce back

Viewing set backs as a learning opportunity will help you come back even stronger.

pay attention to emotions and behaviour

Examine how you react to stressful situations. Do you blame others, lose your cool when there is a delay or if you don't get what you want? Being able to tactically control emotions in the office and outside in difficult situations is highly valued. 

workwear - merlot office dress - nora gardner

Take responsibility

If you muck up, rather than bury your head in the sand, use it as an opportunity to strengthen your relationship. When I worked in London, I accidentally told wrong information to a client (...they weren't so happy!) Rather than let my Director handle the situation, I rung them and profusely apologised for the confusion. My client appreciated the upfront honesty and gave me even more business than before!

Consider others 

Put yourself in their shoes - How will your actions affect them? Would you want that experience?

To understand the real meaning behind conversations, observe their body language, the tone of voice and eye contact. Face time with clients, and internal colleagues is key so you can see important nonverbal cues.

workwear - merlot office dress -briar prestidge

Leaders: How well do the people in your business work together? Lead E.I by example, and ensure you keep staff happy and rewarded. Then everyone will be motivated, productive, committed and aligned with your business objectives. 

Up-and-coming leaders: Observe your management - how do they interact and react with people? Who is someone that demonstrates high E.I that you can learn from? 



Emotional Intelligence is not only important for career success, but all communication and relationships - fundamental elements of being a human, right? Be aware and continually striving to improve as this will take you far. An excellent book I would recommend if you wish to further explore the subject is Primal Leadership (here).

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