6 Things Your Successful Friends Have Given Up On

Success. We all want it. Few are prepared to put in the hard graft required.

Bill Gates didn’t just wake up one morning lying on billions of dollars – it took years of learning, strategizing and Hard. Work.

When I left my 9-5 job to start my own company Briar Prestidge International full time, I had already done the groundwork. I had learnt everything to do with digital, branding and social media from the ground up: I had become qualified from the Digital Marketing Institute, taken courses on Coursera, and had developed brands - both my personal and my company's. I had an inbound marketing strategy so clients came to me. I had established our Deals in High Heels community online but, most importantly, OFF. 

Yep, those 5am morning wake-ups to study and constant weekends indoors working were awful, but they sure as hell were worth it to now be working for myself. 

Have a think about your successful friends – what do they do that’s different to your friends that aren’t as successful?

Briar Prestidge - Deals in High Heels

I'll bet your successful friends speak differently, act differently and work x20 harder.

Your friends who aren’t so successful may be feeding your mind lies. They are the ones that look at you with disbelieve and say sarcastically, "good luck" when you leave your job to start your company or say “you’ll be back” when you leave your 'farm' to move country.

They laugh and ask why you are studying or working on the weekend, trying to convince you every weekend to go have day-drinks at brunch.

They are your friends that blob on the couch after work watching Kim Kardashian, rather than reading a book.

Well, I’ll tell you a secret: “Success,” whatever that means to you, is easier than you think it is, but you have to surround yourself with the right people. Ditch your friends that make you live a life below your potential once and for all. I ditched mine.

Work hard, learn and TRY! You are destined for far bigger things.


Don't shoot the messenger, but here are 6 things I bet your successful friends have given up:

Briar Prestidge - Deals in High Heels

They have given up on ‘luck’ 

 “You’re so lucky!” I hear, when I tell people I’ve lived and worked in NYC, London and run a company in Dubai. Hey, it was sheer hard work and guts that moved this small-town Kiwi gal. And life has certainly never been that glamorous, especially at the start. I used to stay in a Manhattan hostel with a single suitcase; waitressing double shifts. When I quit my job to start my companies full-time, I completely downsized my apartment. The thought of being an entrepreneur and not having a consistent salary scared me so much that I rationed my toothpaste.

When you work hard, you open new doors and expose yourself up to more opportunities.

"When it comes to luck, you make your own" says Bruce Springston. So TRUE! Get a move on, hustle and make things happen.


They have ditched BS people

Over the past year especially, I’ve been ruthless to cut ties with anyone who causes drama or demonstrates ‘sharky’ behaviour. I prefer just to hang out with some besties and my mentor.

Think quality over quantity! Surround yourself with people that motivate you and actually make you want to be better.

Briar Prestidge - Deals in High Heels

They have stopped wasting their time

When your successful friends are old and grey one day they will reflect on their lives and feel fulfilled. They didn’t spend their lives in front of the TV or obsessing over people on social media. PROCRASTINATION OR PRODUCTIVITY?

You may lose everything tomorrow so invest in knowledge and worthwhile experiences (like travel) and that give you value and make you feel fulfilled. 

When you look back over your life, do you want to feel like you made a significant impact on the lives of others, travelled the world and learnt A LOT? Create a legacy that you will be remembered for.

Briar Prestidge - Deals in High Heels

They have given up being frightened 

When you leave your comfort zone, that’s when the magic happens! Being stuck in a rut is no fun – we’ve all been there – and while the feeling of routine is familiar and comfortable, it can leave us feeling dissatisfied with our lives and depressed.

Breaking out of your comfort zone involves taking risks. When you start taking risks, you give yourself the opportunity to grow. By conquering your fears and exposing yourself to new experiences, you can keep bettering yourself as a person. You surprise yourself and will give yourself further respect.


They don't care what other people think 

Who cares?!? As long as you are true to yourself and you have the right intentions, it doesn’t really matter what people think. When you are putting yourself out there and doing YOU, naturally you won’t please everyone. 


Deals in High Heels - Briar Prestidge

They don't pretend to be someone they aren't

Life is so much better when you live it authentically as yourself. People buy from people – I always say this, I know. It's sooo cheesy but so true. You owe it to others to be YOU.

I hate it when people try and have this perfect mask - what's the point? I know people want to do business and want to be my friend, as I am ME. I'm not perfect. I don't have fancy watches or drive a big car, instead, I prefer to invest my money back in my businesses. You don't have to impress people with THINGS.

Deals in High Heels - Briar Prestidge

Remember, work hard , have a vision and be proactive to reach your goals.

 Success (and whatever it means to you), will follow.


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Until next time,


Briar Prestidge xx

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