Peplum Dresses and New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a lovely time with your friends and family.

I decided to take one for the team and work over the holiday period this year (recruitment for finance and accounting was unsurprisingly rather quiet during this time!) However, we are now well into one of our busiest months. January.

New Year. New Me. New Job.
— Everyone
Photos by Sheena, from  The SW Collection

Photos by Sheena, from The SW Collection

I love peplum tops, dresses, and skirts… it is a trend that will never die as far as I’m concerned. Classy and timeless, this dress creates a look of understated elegance for the office.

office fashion peplum dresses

The dress I am wearing is from Lipsy and I am obsessed. I liked the simplicity and contrast of the black and cream, along with the frilled flare at the bottom. The best part about wearing peplum dresses, is that they look great whether you are curvaceous or a bean pole; just ensure the peplum goes in on the smaller part of your body.  I wore nude heels, though you easily wear plum or red to give the look a pop of colour.  For client meetings, add a cropped blazer to look even sharper.

office fashion peplum dress

I’ve been hearing a lot of New Years’ resolutions thrown around amongst friends and colleagues, and last week when I was playing football, I could see the fitness group that shares the Common with us had four times as many people than usual.

My New Year's resolutions are to live with intention, improve my emotional intelligence and also to 'keep plodding on as is.'

I surprised myself last year: I played football “soccer” consistently every Saturday and was chuffed to get Player of the Season, I quit coffee (I used to have five a day- nuts!), quit alcohol for 3 months (this initially started as a daunting 1 month ‘Dryathon’ but I loved feeling super fresh all the time), got back into my reading, and took up yoga! Oh, and I started this blog.

office fashion peplum dress

Personally, I try not to be too hard on myself around the resolution thing – it’s about the long game, not the short. It’s important to celebrate improvements that you’ve made. How easy is it to be hard on yourself and focus on ‘failing?' Like, I'll drink a coffee when I’m really tired - I haven’t ‘failed’ as I use to drink a hell of a lot more. I’m just treating myself, you know.

Recently, I was eating pasta ALL THE TIME  as it’s cold and pasta is comforting however, I noticed I was putting on some winter blubber. To combat my unhealthy obsession (and it was an obsession!), you would have seen on my Instagram story (@briar_prestidge) I’ve been making delicious 'courgetti' meals with my new Spiralizer (linked here – it’s quicker than cooking pasta which for impatient me is fantastic). And it’s so much better for you! I still insist on plenty of cheese however haha. To quit coffee I swapped it out for gingerbread green tea... mmm. You get the idea.

Spend time finding other things you LOVE, and it's so much easier. (I love exercising through football/ soccer for example - enough to make me want to wake up at 8am on a Saturday!)

....and go easy on yourself! It's damn hard to be perfect.

office fashion peplum dress

Thanks for checking out my post this week guys, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Unfortunately, this particular Lipsy dress sold out very fast so I've linked some similar dresses below and ALL ARE UNDER £40. I will let you know when/if it comes back in stock!

In the spirit of disclosure, this post is sponsored and contains affiliate links so I may receive commission if you choose to buy something. As usual, I only post things I love- peplum dresses being one of them! You can find me on Instagram (@deals_in_high_heels) or Facebook (Deals in High Heels) to stay up to date.

Many thanks,

Briar Prestidge xx


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