How to Maintain Your Health and Sanity While Hustling

Idols like Gary Vaynerchuk and Raj Kotecha teach us how to hustle, but how do we KEEP GOING? 

I'm a Recruitment Consultant for Marketing by day, and Corporate Lifestyle and Office Fashion Blogger by night. And now I've started studying for my Digital Marketing Diploma, founded my women's networking event NBHH, been developing my marketing collateral (launching on the 1st August - put it in your diary!), built a new website, and researching for another project... I have to be (not only incredibly stringent with my time) but careful of my physical and mental health too.


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Photos by Nirmit Gire (@nirmitgire) in JBR, Dubai. For todays office look, I'm wearing a summer midi-skirt by Lucy Wang, light high-neck shirt, Bvlgari sunglasses and M&S leather heels (look linked below).

Believe me, I'm still yet to come up with an answer - last week I had HAD it! I was exhausted from waking up at 5am every day, frantically squeezing in some extra work. I had emails coming out of my ears and an impossible to-do list. I was jacked up on five coffees, no food, and considering a haste move back to the farm in New Zealand (or at least a holiday to a beach).

If you are a fellow go- getter,  entrepreneur, or even just busy at work; taking care of numero uno is crucial to ensure you don't burn out. here are my top tips:


When you are hustling around 24/7 it's easy to let the everyday basics go out the window. You eat takeouts, substitute coffee for water (me!), and convince yourself that strutting in your heels from the office to the car counts as your daily cardio. Sit with a drink bottle on your desk, cook basic yet healthy vege meals, and dedicate a couple of evenings a week to the gym - consistently remind yourself how much better you will feel for it.

deals in high heels - corporate hustle and office fashion - briar prestidge

Wake up early 

I wake up at 5 - 5.30am most mornings to work on my blog/ study for my diploma but more importantly, I use some of this time to just BE. I spend time stretching on my balcony overlooking the sea, or walking to the beach. Rather than rush around like a headless chicken, set some good intentions for the day. 

Simplify your routine

Just as Mark Zuckerburg wears grey all the time, I mostly wear dresses - having to mix and match gives me a real headache in the morning! Simplifying your decision making to increase your productivity. When you’re extremely busy, every minute - and every decision - counts. 

Have a clear bedtime

To wake up early you have to go to bed early... getting enough sleep is KEY to maintain hustle sanity. I used to stay up incredibly late working on my blog (however for the last hour I'd be distracted by Instagram). MAN, I was not fearing so great... I was incredibly unproductive the next day. Figure out how much sleep you need, have a bed time and stick to it - your work will be much better if you feel refreshed.

time blocking

Keep a diary and block out time for your projects, and then times for breaks and procrastination. And, whether it's a holiday or a night out with friends, have SOMETHING to look forward to.   

deals in high heels - corporate hustle and office fashion - briar prestidge

SET communication boundries 

These days, you can work constantly on your business - notifications come up for emails, LinkedIn, Instagram etc... I even write blog posts on my iPhone! Set boundaries and switch it off for a certain time.  


I play football twice a week and love it (maybe as I play with all French boys haha!) What would I do if I didn't play footie? You guessed it - work on my blog! Many of my colleagues lost interest in a team sport or hobbies following Uni - you are never too old to get back into it.

Connect with fellow hustlers

The hustle life can be incredibly lonely... heck, it's been me and my dear laptop all weekend. Catch up with friends to remain sane! Over time on social media, I have found other corporate bloggers such as @iamvictoriajenn @thebrisbanegirl and @polished_professionals (check them out!) - we all message praise and push each other! 

deals in high heels - corporate hustle and office fashion - briar prestidge

Read a book 

I'm currently reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey which is excellent. I always carry a book around with me and squeeze in some time when on the train, at appointments, etc - the hustle will not compromise reading! 


Why stay up late worrying about your dreaded to do list? Learning to compartmentalize is so important to staying sane—and with a few easy strategies, it’s easier than you may think. 

Be nice to yourself 

Often I feel guilty if I don't get something done, do you? As a business owner, life will throw you challenges, and it's important to remain optimistic and solve them systematically. 

deals in high heels - corporate hustle and office fashion - briar prestidge

The hustle game rules: Sometimes you have to move laterally before you can go forward, and it's all about the long game, not the short. Remain inspired, passionate, and if you need a week off to trek in the hills and find yourself - do it!


Hope you enjoyed this post guys, it seemed rather relevant since I lost it this week! If anyone else is also busy hustling in life, DM me on Instagram (@deals_in_high_heels) or Facebook (Deals in High Heels). We can lose it together :) 

How do you maintain your sanity? 

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Until next time, 

Briar Prestidge x

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