From the Farm to the City: Moving to Dubai

I've been in Dubai for one month working as a Recruitment Consultant for Marketing in the UAE and Europe, and I've been extremely busy. Many companies want to hire before Ramadan starts and the summer gets hot. It's been easy to settle into Dubai- with the sun out, fabulous colleagues and housemates, and the beach on my doorstep, what's not to love?

You all asked, and here is the third and final post of my series 'From the Farm to the City' where I discuss my life from New Zealand, Melbourne, New York, London and now Dubai.

Briar Prestidge - deals in high heels - office fashion and corporate lifestyle

Photos are by me. For today's office look, I'm wearing a sophisticated Almari dress from John Lewis, Ted Baker handbag, nude Aldo heels, Bulgari sunglasses and Michael Kors watch (look linked below).

I loved my life in London! As I'd explained in my last post (here), I'd developed a perfect work-life routine. I played football twice a week on Clapham Common (player of the season FTW), attended hot yoga, and spent my evenings updating my blog and cooking with my roomie Rosemary. 

During my time in London, I had more and more of my Kiwi friends move over, including my two besties Amber and Lillee. When you've lived away for so long (four years for me now) you become accustomed to friends you haven't known very long. Sharing history and laughing over the past was something I'd missed.

Briar Prestidge - Deals in high heels - corporate lifestyle and office fashion

I started to become complacent in London, and almost envisioned living there forever - I hated the weather though! I began to get itchy feet, and despite doing extremely well in my job recruiting for finance; I needed a change.

I toyed with the idea of moving back to New York (see my previous post here). As I'd been recruiting for a global agency and had billed a decent amount, moving back became an option. But, I already knew what NYC was like... I would try the unknown.

I'd never thought about Dubai before I moved to London. However, it's definitely a hot spot (figuratively and literally!) for the Brits to holiday or relocate. Having never been here myself, I thought, what the heck, and decided to wing it. Having lived in so many places around the World, I knew I'd be okay. 

How did I know this?

Everywhere I've lived has presented challenges and frustrations! In New York, I hated how people got in my way, workmen wolf-whistled, regular bread tasted like cupcakes, and at times you would wait up to 30 minutes for the Subway. In London, I missed all those crazy New York people (that I'd previously hated), how long it took to travel anywhere, the clouds and rain. Initially, I'd found the British banter confusing (but, then I grew into a banter merchant myself...) I was prepared for aspects of Dubai to annoy me.

Briar Prestidge - Deals in high heels - corporate lifestyle and office fashion

When I first moved to NYC, I took every opportunity to go out and mingle with people; I still think this is important! However, my best friends I've made in new cities have been the ones that have developed gradually. Maybe you read my blog posts and think I've turned into an old fart, but I don't feel the need to rush to find a million new friends these days. I'm the most comfortable and independent I've ever been.

And My move to Dubai was my easiest yet

To live in Dubai, you have to be sponsored by your work. I was relocated to recruit for Marketing for Dubai's leading agency (LinkedIn with me). Now I'm here; I realise I was fortunate to get a job offshore as the job market is currently incredibly saturated with available candidates.

My advice for anyone moving to Dubai would to travel here and organise interviews to get face time with companies and recruiters. Very few businesses I work with would pay relocation costs in the current market unless they are after a particular skill set. (Technical digital marketers, for instance, are sought after.) Gulf Talent and are websites Recruiters use for sourcing off-shore - both are good places to upload your CV.

Briar Prestidge - Deals in high heels - corporate lifestyle and office fashion

Since my first impressions post on Dubai (here), I haven't done anything touristy as such - when friends and family visit you do the attractions a million times anyway. I attended a pre- Iftar at Dubai Marina Mall this week which was incredible (I ate 15 different desserts hehe). Iftar (Arabic: إفطار‎‎ meaning 'breakfast') is an evening meal when Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast at sunset. Ramadan commences on the 26th May this year. 

I've been networking a lot. As a Recruitment Consultant for Marketing: I've been meeting hiring managers, tracking the market and growing my book of business. I've been to workshops for Online Marketing, the Arabian Travel Market (ATM) and I've been invited to Entrepreneur Middle East's Achieving Women's Forum tomorrow which I'm extremely excited for.

As a Corporate Lifestyle Blogger, everything has been all go! I've met with a Content Designer to (finally) create my branding and filmed my first entrepreneurial interview with confidence coach Nancy Castro, author of 'Keys to Confidence.' I have my first Vlog on the way and a HEAP of guest posts and collaborations in the pipeline. 

For those based in Dubai, I've established my Women's Network, Business and Hustle group which will include networking events, entrepreneurial speakers and office fashion shows. 

Although I'm busier than ever, I'm incredibly excited for what my future holds in Dubai!

Briar Prestidge - Deals in high heels - corporate lifestyle and office fashion

This was the last part of my series 'From the Farm to the City' - I hope you enjoyed it and got to know me and my experience more! Next week, I'm filming a collaboration with Le Méridien hotel on 'How to Conduct a Business Meeting.'

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