How to Promote Your Business in an Oversaturated Market

As a Recruiter, in order to make the money my hard work deserves it's essential I differentiate myself from my competition. And in your profession, so should you.

Deciding on your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is the most important decision that you can make about your service or business. In a very saturated market, how are you going to stand out among the rest? You need to make your USP obvious, different and memorable, so that customers can see exactly what you offer and others don't - and want give you their time, money and trust.

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Photos by me. For today's office look I'm wearing a chic Karen Millen dress, New Look high heels and Chanel Boy Bag (look linked below).

For instance - as a Recruiter, I've defined myself within the industry. I specialise in Marketing (digital and offline) for agency and client side -  therefore, I know my market (e.g. when people are hiring, what skillset companies look for). My clients can rely on the fact that I consistently represent Dubai's top marketing talent, and candidates love the fact that I'm actively marketing for this blog...

how to create your unique selling proposition - briar Prestidge - deals in high heels

Ostracising yourself from the rest, won't please everyone - but there is no need to! Your USP will help you actively focus your energy into creating something that cater to a specific group of ideal customers that LOVE what you do.

As Seth Goldin says, "Instead of working so hard to prove the skeptics wrong, it makes a lot more sense to delight the true believers. They deserve it, after all, and they’re the ones that are going to spread the word for you."

How hard is it to come up with your USP? Hmm, it's an average amount of difficulty, but be prepared for it to take hours/ days/ MONTHS as you and your service or business develop.

how to create your unique selling proposition - briar Prestidge - deals in high heels

Your USP can mean the difference between success and failure. Here are my top tips to develop your competitive difference and position yourself above the rest:


People buy from people! Be credible, likeable and yourself.

NARROW your topic and your audience

Using focused content directed it at a specific group will allow you to efficiently reach your core customers - the ones that will use your product/ service most often and spend the most money. This will make it harder for a competitor to copy what you do as you will become an expert within your topic.

Think like your customer 

I always put myself in my clients shoes for the hiring process - if I was in their situation what would I like/ not like, and what is the best way to address these factors? As a Recruiter, I stick 'close to the money' by speaking to hiring managers in companies that I know use other agencies (so my service is relevant), and marketing candidates that come from a competitor company (and have a pertinent skills, for instance). Always consider how you can ADD VALUE - what's in it for them? 

how to create your unique selling proposition - briar Prestidge - deals in high heels

know your competition

Make a list of all aspects you excel in (these are your USPs). Screen these against what is already being met by your competition - you are looking for a gap in the market. What can you build on to your audience? I always discuss how I meet all my candidates I represent, and how I have a consultative, holistic approach, rather than coming from a sales perspective. 

Conduct interviews

Meet with your target audience and do some research. Does your USP convey benefit? Is it clear who the brand is targeting from the USP? Can you deliver what it promises? Is it memorable and unique? More importantly, could a competitor claim the same thing?

how to create your unique selling proposition - briar Prestidge - deals in high heels

Having a defined USP will help you develop your marketing strategy for your business, making it more effective and targeted... which should result in more sales! 

Readers, what's your number one tip to differentiate yourself from the competition?


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