Create an Elevator Pitch to Generate New Business

That awkward “So tell me about yourself/what do you do?” question is inevitable when you meet someone for the first time and it's answered poorly by many entrepreneurs, marketing and salespeople. Don't get stuck staring into space like me...

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Photos taken by Nirmit Gire (@nirmitgire) in JBR, Dubai. For today's office look, I'm wearing a feminine ASOS dress, nude Aldo heels, Chanel boy bag, Michael Kors watch and Versace sunglasses (look linked below).

What is an elevator pitch?

An "Elevator Pitch" is a planned and well-executed message that you say when you first meet someone to promote yourself and business. It should be short, punchy and communicated in the time it takes to ride in an elevator (one to two minutes). I live on the 29th floor in Jumeirah Beach Residence, however, so mine may have to be awkwardly long...

You need to convey your unique personality, skills and areas of expertise to leave a lasting impression behind (and your business card!)

white office dress- office fashion - briar prestidge

Why should I have an elevator pitch?

To make money you need to stand out (see my post about creating your Unique Selling Proposition here) - make them want to use YOUR service, not someone else's.

The person you are meeting may be a potential client themselves or they may have referrals; straight off the bat you need to showcase yourself. Every day, whether I'm on the phone cold-calling prospective clients, on a business meeting or socialising at a networking event, I'm constantly pitching myself and my service. 

You never know who you are speaking to, or how they may benefit your career! Here are my top tips for writing and executing a powerful elevator pitch:

Firstly, start by asking them what they do first, so then you can tailor the content of your pitch accordingly...

Then go in for the kill by starting with your name and profession:

"I'm Briar. I'm a Recruiter by day, and a Corporate Lifestyle and Office Fashion Blogger by night."

white office dress- office fashion - briar prestidge

Okay, excellent... but what’s next?! Explain your area of expertise, the types of businesses you work with and strengths:

"I'm a specialist recruiter for Marketing positions, both Digital and Offline, in the UAE and Europe. I make a killer cold call and love connecting good jobs with great talent."

Okay nice one, now grab them with what makes you so great (the hook): 

"Did you know that many recruiters don't meet their candidates? For each job I work, I headhunt 10 - 15 people, interview them and then shortlist my best 3. Lots of my clients use me exclusively as they find the whole process so easy."

white office dress- office fashion - briar prestidg

What makes you the best at what you do? Throw in an interesting fact about yourself to really be memorable! 

"Clients I work with love the fact I don't try to sell them a candidate, but more so give them a consultative overview. I'm also pretty good at kicking a football..."

And what do you want? Finish with a call to action such as a request for a business card, referral or a future meeting/ time you will contact them.

"I'm looking for Marketing professionals I can help, whether it's recruiting for their team or looking for a job themselves. Here's my card."

In less than one minute you’ve told your audience what you do, what your strengths and area of expertise is, and how you can help.

Write your pitch out 10 times in different ways, walk away from it, sleep on it (not literally) and then practice it until it sounds natural and conversational.

white office dress- office fashion - briar prestidge


Your pitch isn't going to be great unless you come across as credible and likeable... 

  • Look them in their eyes and smile. 
  • Speak with confidence and passion.
  • Believe in yourself and your service - this will show! 
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