Du-bye for Now

So, I alluded in my last blog post that I was moving... and perhaps not back to New Zealand! I have loved London; especially the friends I've made (my roomie Rosemary, my colleagues, my soccer team). It's also been incredible to catch up with all my Kiwi Uni friends again - I don't think I've ever felt so loved! 

Playing footie on Saturdays, wearing my Ted Baker coat, walking around parks, working in The Shard... London will be hard to beat.

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Photos by Glenn Livingstone in Canary Wharf, following a hail storm. This office outfit is one of my favourites as it's not only chic but comfortable. Leather blue heels are from M & S, peplum midi dress from Closet, Ted Baker handbag and Quay sunglasses (all linked below).

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With the sun being a somewhat distant memory, I've decided to accept a job offer in Dubai and move to the desert; a land of shopping, brunches, tax free earnings and skyscrapers.

In London, I've been recruiting for finance teams in commerce and industry (with a personal interest mainly within the retail, media and publishing sectors). In my new home in Dubai, I will be working for the leading agency as a permanent recruiter for Marketing (both online and offline, from executive through to director level). Our agency recruits across the board so if anyone is considering a move to Dubai, please let me know!


I will still focus on my blog after the big move and I've started preparing myself for slightly diverse office attire. The UAE's dress code is more conservative, however as Dubai comprises of 95% Expats I hear it's not as different as what you may assume. Nonetheless, I have been shopping (good excuse!) and have bought more dresses that cover my shoulders and go down to my knees, such as this one from Closet (here).

I know Dubai will present challenges, but I feel living in New York and London have given me skills to be adaptable, resilient and self- sufficient. Only time will tell. Despite moving in less than a week, it doesn't seem real and I guess it won't until I board the plane- I still haven't packed!

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From my experience, there is only so much you can do before you move! It's easy to get overwhelmed (I had a day a couple of weeks ago where I just lost it) however, I always remind myself that you're not expected to do everything all at once - just put one foot in front of the other.  

Write a to- do list and work through it.

For the first two weeks I'll be in a hotel and from there I'll look for an apartment in Marina - apparently that's where all the Expats stay. How amazing are the pictures below?!

Other than some friends of friends I've reached out to, I literally know NO-ONE! I'm looking forward to a new challenge and all the exciting people I will meet. You can stay up to date with my move on Instagram (@deals_in_high_heels) or Facebook (Deals in High Heels). I've been loving the new Instagram Story feature lately! 

Have you ever been to Dubai? Any advice or tips would be appreciated!

Many thanks,


Briar Prestidge xx

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