How to Build Rapport to Be Successful

Rapport is fundamental to success in the workplace. It's a skill that makes communication more effective and facilitates an understanding between people. Sometimes it's easy - have you ever had a friend that you just 'hit it off' with? Other times it may require some work. 

As a Recruitment Consultant for Marketing (online and offline) in Dubai, it's critical that I build rapport with both my candidates and clients right from the word go. I need them to like me, want to use me, and trust my process and judgement. 

Photos taken in Dubai Internet City. I'm wearing a Zara skirt, polo by Atmosphere, blazer by Mango, Aldo heels, Ted Baker handbag and The SW Collection earrings (all linked below).

Photos taken in Dubai Internet City. I'm wearing a Zara skirt, polo by Atmosphere, blazer by Mango, Aldo heels, Ted Baker handbag and The SW Collection earrings (all linked below).

Not only do you need rapport for great customer service, but you also need it for job interviews, strong relationships with colleagues, a night out when you meet the boy of your dreams, networking events and maybe even when ordering pizza...

Developing rapport is key to being successful & here are my top tips:

First impressions 

Look smart, presentable and if you are in doubt, dress even nicer! I tell candidates to attend their new job 'suited and booted' as you can always dress down to suit the environment.

When you meet someone, be warm, friendly and smile. Look them in the eye and shake their hand firmly, but don't crush their hand (this is my pet peeve)! Look them in the eyes for 60% of the time while you talk. Ensure you maintain good posture - put your shoulders back, chin up and use open body language. 

Break the ice by using small talk (e.g. "how are you?") but please don't talk like a robot! Whatever you do, be yourself.

office fashion - how to build rapport


What are they saying that you share common ground with? For many of my clients, it's football (surprise). People love talking about themselves so listen and show a genuine interest. 

Tone of voice

I speak fast, loud and with high energy - I may change this depending on who I'm talking to. For example, when I specialised in recruiting for accountants, I matched the tone of my voice to whoever I was interacting with; perhaps speaking quieter and calmer if they were that way inclined. 

Awkward Humour

From my experience, even if you try to be funny and just sound awkward it has the same effect. Attempt that joke and have some fun!

office fashion - how to build rapport


It's more than just what you say and body language speaks a lot. Mirror and match - if they have their hands on the table, sit with your hands on the table. If they smile, you smile. Be in tune. 

Feel, felt, found

Be empathetic to whatever they are saying - acknowledge you understand how they feel and that many of your other clients have felt the same way before. Talk them through the solution you found was effective (a.k.a. your product).


Show an interest but don’t act subservient. Being overly friendly or too pushy will only turn them away. You cannot force rapport.

office fashion - how to build rapport

REMEMBER something

How cool was it when you met someone a second time and they remembered you like pineapple? 

Be yourself 

For newbies to the work force, rapport can take some time to collaborate to 'just right'. But above all, be personable, open, honest, and yourself.


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Also, if anyone is looking to relocate to Dubai and works in Marketing (online and offline) let me know as I'm currently working with some leading agencies.

Until next time!

Briar Prestidge xx


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