How To Manifest What You Want

By Katherine Winny

You’ve probably already got a lot of great things in your life - somewhere to live, some nice clothes, some wonderful friends, a blossoming career.

Ever thought about how and why these came into your life?

Our society places a lot of emphasis on hard work paying off, but I want to introduce you to a little-known phenomenon which will mean you can attract a lot more into your life for a lot less effort.

Do you ever feel like you really want something in life but for some reason, you’re simply not getting it? Whether that’s a job offer, a place to live or romantic partner?

There’s a way to get all these things and it’s much easier than you may think. The thing, unknowingly, something within you is currently blocking these things from coming to you.


How this worked for me

Let me give you some examples of things that came my way when I used this technique:

  • Money and a travel companion for travelling the world for six months
  • A job at the 6th largest law firm in the world in the midst of a financial crash
  • A highly competitive career move to Dubai
  • The exact apartment I wanted on the Palm in Dubai (that iconic floating island)
  • A horse that went on to win in our very first competition together
  • A flat in London that increased in value by 50% in six months
  • Working a four day week without any reduction in pay


What’s the magic formula?

Anything you want in life is there waiting for you. You just have to follow the following three steps to get there.

  1. Get specific on what you want

  2. Take action to enable it to come to you

  3. Let it go and trust it will come


Step One: Getting specific about what we want

Often we think we know what we want, but actually, we’re not really that clear.

For example, we know we want a romantic partner and imagine them to be tall, good looking and charming or small, good looking and cute. But we haven’t thought about the specific values we want them to hold, the lifestyle we want to lead with them or the character traits that mean the most to us.

I know a couple of friends who have done this with lists of over four pages of traits they’re looking for in a romantic partner. That’s how specific you need to be.

Because, if you’re not clear on the specifics you simply won’t be able to recognise when the thing you want is offered to you. The perfect person/thing/career could be right there in front of you, but YOU need to KNOW what this is to be able to recognise it.

This will also narrow down and help you get clear on what you need to do for Step 2 below.


Step Two: taking the action we need to do to attract it to us

Some things will, quite literally, turn up on your doorstep. Your dream guy or career? Less likely.

...Unless you’ve decided you want to marry your milkman/pizza delivery guy/next door neighbour (in which case make sure you’re at home when they call!).

A lot of the time, we want things but don’t take any action to attract these things to us. Being in the right place at the right time with the right people does not happen by chance. It’s a result of some powerful mechanisms behind all of those elements.

Once you’ve got specific on what you want, get very clear on the action you need to be able to attract it to you. By getting specific on what you want, you can get specific on what you need to need to do to attract it to you. Result = Much less work needed.

To get your dream job, you need to apply for it. To find your dream guy/girl you’re going to need to go on a few dates. To find that perfect dress, you’re going to have to go shopping.

Rather than firing shots in all directions (and running out of ammunition), know your target, take aim and shoot.


Step Three: Let it go and trust it will come

Watching that shot soar towards the target (when you have with a desperate attachment to it reaching the target), is not going to help it hit the mark.

It’s the same with life. In fact, WAY more so, with life.

If you become so attached to a particular outcome or result, you can actually push it away.

I want you to think about going to a party. You’re there with all your friends, catching up and having a great time mingling. There’s a new person in town who has somehow decided they want to be your new best friend. They’re constantly by your side, asking you whether you want another drink, laughing awkwardly at anything you say and desperately trying to make friends.

Would you want them to stick around?

No. Obviously!

That’s YOU when you attach to something. If it’s clear you’re desperately seeking something and have latched onto it, you’ll most likely push it away!

Also, attaching to the outcome, and in particular the HOW of how that outcome comes about can prevent an alternative BETTER outcome coming your way.

So instead, once you’ve taken your action, you just need to fully trust and fully believe that it will come your way. And, remain completely open to how it comes.


He may come on Tinder, rather than galloping in on a white horse.

The dream job may be the wrong side of town, but perfect in all other ways.

The chocolate cake you’re craving may not be your grandmothers but tastes even better...

Kat Winny

About the author:

Kat is a life coach, equine facilitated trainer and wellness guru. Kat helps busy professionals get out of their heads and into their bodies, learning to reconnect with themselves to destress, gain clarity and get the most out of their lives. 

Kat is an Equus trained coach with the Koelle Institute and offers truly unique personal transformation experiences using the wisdom and gentleness of horses.

You can connect with Kat on Instagram or LinkedIn.