Becky's Office Look: Beauty Expert

Hi Becky, how are you? Please tell us about your job and what you wear for it.

I'm a Beauty Expert and I'm  about to run a new beauty concept in Dubai called Project Beauty. I try to wear clothing to make me feel powerful with a fun twist. 

beauty expert office fashion look-book - Becky Gardner

Why do you like to wear this? How does it make you feel?

Comfort is important; it makes me feel confident and dressed to take on the day.

Who are your clients? What impact do you think you office fashion has on them? 

All of my clients are women. The clothes that I wear has to reflect my brand and inspire women to dress in ways that makes them feel confident and beautiful.

beauty expert office look-book - Becky Gardner

How has your office fashion changed over time?  

I'm less insecure and as much as I like to follow trends I like to put my own spin on what I wear. I'm happy to stand out from the crowd instead of just blending in. 

Has there ever been a situation where you have changed what you wear due to a response you got? 

The industry that I work in can be very judgemental on image. However, I always remain true to myself, this is what makes people interesting because everyone is special and unique. 

Office fashion look-book - Beauty expert

How is your office fashion different to what you wear in the weekends?  

My heels are swapped for flats, I remain quirky throughout my weekend wardrobe so there isn't a massive difference.

Office fashion look-book - Beauty expert

What are your favourite brands for the office? 

That's a good question, and since being in Dubai the choice is unlimited. I don't stick particularly with one designer because it's more fun to mix and match.

Did you always want to be a beauty expert? What would be your best advice for those wanting to become a one? 

I always loved beauty and beauty products but I was actually going to become a counsellor. I decided to study beauty for three years and completely found  my calling. If you are thinking about doing it, what are you waiting for? Your career can be incredibly varied as mine has been, and it can allow you to travel the world. For me, I love helping people and I get  such a buzz from exceeding people's expectations and making them feel good inside and out.

Office fashion look-book - Beauty expert

What’s been the best career advice you’ve ever been given? 

Anything is possible.