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By Claire Hastings 

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As glorious as some of the latest runway trends are, such as the sheer dresses that call for some major upgrade in the lingerie department, as well as neon puffer jacket and see-through plastic raincoats, some of us have to, in Rihanna’s words – work, work, work, work, work. Still, not all that struts down the runway is meant for models and bold party-goers. No, in the age of female empowerment, we have to thank the designers for paying attention to the needs of a career woman who needs to exude power, control, chic and professional vibes, while still being impeccably stylish and trendy, of course. Therefore, this one goes for all the goal-getters, corporate ladder-climbers and as the girls from The Bold Type say, the ones ‘toiling away in the assistant trenches’.


Summer Suit Up

S ource  - Vouge

Source - Vouge


The power red may have been the official color of fall 2018, and while you’re still free to rock your red suit to work any day of the week, as summer approaches, you might want to take a lighter route and adopt one of the hottest and dreamiest trends of the season – the pastel trend. Designers made sure no garment was left behind, so even the suits come in a variety of amazing pastel hues that will make you look completely professional and sleek, while still oozing those gentle summer vibes, particularly due to the wide-leg trend that provides plenty of movement and much-needed heat-relief. The best thing about a suit is that it’s a great investment, as you can wear it as an ensemble or mix and match the pieces with other garments and create a variety of looks. Throw in a pair of chic heels and you are ready to conquer the day. Chic and economical.


Bring some joy

Photo by  Flaunter .com  on  Unsplash

Hey, you don’t have to stick to suits in order to look professional – floral dresses are here and they are waiting for you to wear them and dominate the office dress code, looking powerful and feminine at the same time. The frilly pastels and their subtle florals have never been in good terms with the corporate world, but now that the flowers in question are becoming bigger, murkier and bolder, the tables have certainly turned. The new florals represent the perfect synchronicity of femininity and power, and the dress that will blend and stand out in the office is definitely the full-skirt mid-calf dress. You can choose to wear classy loafers, kitten heels or even peep-toe sandals and look polished and fierce.


Flare it out

source  - Who What Wear

source - Who What Wear


The corporate world has loosened up when it comes to the dress code, but certain items such as skinny jeans are still somewhat frowned upon. However, the denim trend report says that, among many playful things to come in this department, flare jeans will be one of the most dominant cuts of the season, and we couldn’t rejoice more. The flare not only elongates the leg, but also provides the generally casual denim look with an incredible dose of sophistication. All you need is a classy pair of wedges, a breezy blouse with horizontal stripes, and perhaps a string of pearls for good measure or even a neck scarf, and you are ready to be the best dressed on casual Fridays.


In it to win it

source  - Vouge

source - Vouge


If there is one thing Carolina Herrera has taught us, it is that a woman can never be too elegant – there is simply no such thing. She might have stepped down as the creative director, but she left us with a priceless lesson – never underestimate the power of a white button-up. One of the most poignant runway moments was the variety of white shirts tucked into full-length ball-skirts and topped off with a colorful belt. Now, if the look is just a tad too flamboyant for a regular day at the office, the white shirt can always be worn with an affordable pair of stylish culottes that you can get at places like Massimo Dutti and Zara, and you can always turn to the evergreen pencil skirt or the gorgeously summery yet work-appropriate pleated skirt in a bright color.


When in doubt – go black

Photo by  Flaunter .com  on  Unsplash

The London-based designer Bora Aksu often likes to walk the fine line between romance and darkness, but among many of his latest designs, there is one that caught our eye and it’s the black and white ensemble featuring an A-line skirt, a black fitted blazer with a white rim and a white shirt embellished with an almost Victorian wide bow. The preppy look is definitely coming back in style, and if there is ever a day at the office when you want to show that you mean business, use this outfit as your inspiration. People won’t know whether to love, compliment or fear you. That’s what happens when you mix romance with something as powerful as the color black.

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