Arfan's Office Look: Wealth Manager

On the weekend, I met with fellow Jumeirah Beach Resident, Arfan. He is originally from the UK but has been living in Dubai for almost a year now working as a Wealth Manager. I met with him to discuss his job, what office fashion means to him in the workplace, and what his number one piece of career advice would be...

Photos by me. Aj wears .. (look linked below)

Photos by me. Aj wears .. (look linked below)

Hi Arfan! Tell us about what you wear for an average day in the office?

My position as a Wealth Manager requires me to meet with many high-net-worth clients on a regular basis, due to this, I must always maintain a professional appearance. My day-to-day attire is always a fully fitted suit, including a tailor-made, double cuffed shirt, matching cufflinks/ handkerchief/ tie, smart black shoes with black socks and a belt.

Arfan - Wealth Manager suit

How does wearing a suit make you feel?

Imagine seeing Obama on television, the way he sits, walks and talks. Wearing a well-tailored suit puts him in a specific mindset, giving him the feeling of power, dominance and influence. The feeling is mutual, wearing a nice suit makes me feel powerful and influential as well providing me with confidence when meeting senior professionals.

What's your favourite brand?

When it comes to suits, the brand isn't very relevant, it is the store you purchase your suit from which is important. I personally enjoy buying my suits from Moss Bros or Slaters. You can find yourself a well-tailored suit in many different colours and patterns and the value for money is great. 

deals in high heels look book - wealth manager

What did you do prior to working as a Wealth Manager?

Previously, I was working in the UK as a Senior Customer Executive. My role at the time had also involved me wearing a suit, however, it was slightly more casual in terms of there being no need for a handkerchief or cuffed shirts due to the customers I would be meeting.

deals in high heels - wealth manager suit- office look book

Who are your clients?

My current clients are high-net-worth individuals, professionals with high-level positions such as CEOs, Directors and VPs.

What’s been the greatest challenge in your career?

The most challenging part of being a Wealth Manager in Dubai is the amount of time spent on networking with current and new clients. Most of my time at work is spent networking with current clients to build stronger relationships as well as being referred to their network of friends to bring on new clients.

What’s been the best career advice you’ve ever been given?

Work until your idols become your rivals.

deals in high heels - wealth manager suit - office style

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