Glenn's Office Look: Recruitment Consultant for Creative

Glenn and I worked at opposite ends of the office when I was in London. Down my end, we recruited for finance and accounting. All of the men dressed in navy suits with ties, pocket squares, and colourful socks beneath their trousers.

Down Glenn's end of the office, the work fashion differed considerably - one lady even had fantastic, electric-blue hair! Why did they not wear suits and corporate dresses like us? I interviewed Glenn to find out and got the details to shop his office look. 

Photos by me. Glenn wears Zara coat and scarf, IdentifYYourself shirt, Nudie jeans, Russell and Bromley shoes (all linked below).

Photos by me. Glenn wears Zara coat and scarf, IdentifYYourself shirt, Nudie jeans, Russell and Bromley shoes (all linked below).

HI, glenn! Tell us about what you wear to work

As a Recruitment Consultant for Creative, I wear clothes that are similar to what I would wear on the weekend; my outfits are inspired by UK street wear culture and aesthetic. Clients and candidates I meet with are all in the creative industries and have been for say, 10 - 15 years. All of our team also come from the creative industry.

creative office fashion
creative office fashion

What Impact does your fashion have on clients?

Wearing clothes that mirror your client make them feel relaxed and open to tell you their story. We always talk a lot about fashion as it's usually something we are both passionate about. A lot have tattoos, piercings on their face and are very casually dressed. These are people who often use the right side of their brain and are doing cool things - formalities are hardly used.

creative office fashion

How has your fashion changed over the course of your career?

When I first started this role, I use to wear button down shirts and trousers but felt like I couldn't connect and build rapport quick enough - as a creative you can't connect with someone in a suit. Now I wear alot of knits, coats, tight jeans and boots. My favourite outfit consists of Nudie jeans and a biker jacket. I'm a big fan of jewelery and wear rings and bracelets - all have sentimental value.

creative office fashion

What were you doing before recruitment?

I used to run my own fashion label back in Australia before I moved to London - I've always been passionate about fashion. 

What do you like about working in recruitment?

I like creative recruitment because I get to make a difference in people's lives. I love my team, and the creatives I get to work with. I have an unparalleled opportunity in front of me that not many people get to experience so I'll just have to grab it by its balls.


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