Lillee's Office Look: Commercial Property Solicitor

Today I met with Lillee, one of my best friends from New Zealand. Since moving to London a couple of months ago, Lillee has gotten a job with a top 100 law firm in Guildford. Over coffee; we discussed her new job, what it’s like to dress like a solicitor, and how her office fashion has changed over time.

Photos taken by me, in Balham. Typical rainy London weather! 

Photos taken by me, in Balham. Typical rainy London weather! 

What do you look for in clothes for the office?

Being comfortable yet looking professional is very important for me. I don’t want to worry about my skirt creeping up or something digging into me. I need to appear sensible but don't want to look frumpy, and I try to avoid wearing all black and white. Lawyers love wearing all black. While it does look smart, I like to express my personality with a pop of colour.

On client meetings, I go for a sophisticated look with a smart but chic, bodycon midi skirt, blazer, heels and full, natural makeup. In my profession, I feel that putting effort into your appearance is important; more so for yourself. I always feel more confident when I have put some thought into my work wardrobe; when you step into the office you are wearing a different hat, so to speak.

Different mannerisms come with a different wardrobe.

As I commute to Guilford from London, I wear either my Dr. Martens or sneakers on my way to work. My office has a wet weather policy since there has been ice and snow, everyone has been dressing more casually lately.

Looking sophisticated in rain or shine! Ted Baker jacket, Hobbs trousers, Deadly Ponies handbag, and London Undercover umbrella (all linked below).

Looking sophisticated in rain or shine! Ted Baker jacket, Hobbs trousers, Deadly Ponies handbag, and London Undercover umbrella (all linked below).

What are your favourite brands for the office?

My favourite office outfit is a three piece Ted Baker suit as it is comfortable, professional and has the most amazing bright lining. I’ve had Wonders high heels for years, which are a Spanish shoe brand. They look amazing yet have rubber soles, and are so comfortable! Calvin Klein is expensive, yet their clothes are classic, always great quality and last for years. Lately, I’ve been really into Cos – this blouse is from there.


How has your office wardrobe changed over your career?

When I first started work, I always use to wear dresses as I found them easier. In New Zealand, you can get away with wearing casual dresses that you might wear on the weekend. I still have an old Calvin Klein skater skirt dress that occasionally appears in the work wardrobe rotation because it is so comfortable and a timeless, quality piece. Recently, however, I have been getting more creative with two-piece combinations. Since moving to London my office wardrobe looks more professional. 

Lillee wears ASOS heels (linked below)

Lillee wears ASOS heels (linked below)

What do you find difficult about dressing for work?

Finding something that is practical for work, yet also something I actually want to wear is difficult! It's hard to find clothes that are appropriate for the office from brands I like. My general shopping goal is to buy versatile items that I can dress up and down and also wear in different seasons. I'm still getting used to shopping for clothes that you would only purely wear to work.

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What do you like about being a solicitor?

 Although I'm a big picture thinker, I get a real sense of gratification from the technicality of commercial property law. I’ve always had a creative side; I really like English, drama, writing and speaking. I wanted to be a journalist but decided towards the end of school that perhaps I would find a law degree more fulfilling. I did a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law, then got a job with a good firm where a commercial property position opened up.

Work as a Property Solicitor doesn't necessarily fuel your creativity (laughs). It does, however, require good reading, writing and communication skills. And every so often a bit of creative flair gives you an edge in a transaction!

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