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I'm Briar Prestidge from Deals in High Heels - a corporate lifestyle blogger, digital brand strategist and talk show host. 


I have been living and working in some of the most dynamic cities on Earth โ€“ places like Melbourne, Auckland, London, New York and Dubai, where I am the founder and CEO of a high-profile marketing, branding and reputation building agency, Briar Prestidge International.

A kiwi in the big city; I authentically share with you lessons I've learnt from my experience as an entrepreneur to help you become the best version of you in the workplace. Join me as I learn about career strategies, business mentality, personal branding and professional communication, in person and online, while wearing my favourite office fashion.


You probably moved to Dubai for career development, the lifestyle, travel opportunities and the business highs associated with being a hardworking professional. You seek success in your field, new opportunities, and validation as a respected professional.

Encouraging a collaborative, supportive community both online and offline, Deals in High Heels is an empowering business movement; a relevant and holistic platform that explores the new age revolution of feminine leadership.


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