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A live talkshow event in Dubai and coming soon to NYC and LA, The Deals in High Heels Show is presented by entrepreneur Briar Prestidge. Featuring interviews and entertaining keynotes from celebrities, experts and ordinary people with extraordinary talents, audiences at The Deals in High Heels Show are engaged and inspired as they learn about personal and professional development. 

First aired online in 2017, The Deals in High Heels Show has built an international online community of over 35,000 people, with over 2000 businesswomen attending our live talk show event.

Over the years, we have collaborated with many brands including The Capital Club, Media One Hotel, The London Project and InstaGlam. We have had many exciting activations including a pink limo night and we have raced around Dubai on Harley Davidsonโ€™s.

Wanting to reach our extensive business community? Have a story that you want to share on the show? Email our Deals in High Heels producer, Laura at

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An entrepreneur and founder of Briar Prestidge International, PR Strategist and Producer, Briar Prestidge is a qualified marketer with an international career in NYC, Australia, London and Dubai. Working with world leaders, top CEOs, governments, entertainers and strategists, Briar is the producer of many regional and international podcasts and video series. Originally from a small town in New Zealand, Briar is driven to encourage others to challenge the status quo, and to live a life outside their comfort zone.

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